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783 million
people in the world live without clean water.

The shortage of fresh water is acutely felt in more than 40 countries located in hot regions of the globe and constituting about 60% of the entire land surface.

*) United Nations Millennium Development Goals Report

Problems of traditional desalination methods

Traditional water desalination technologies require significant amounts of energy for water heating. Most of the energy used in desalination plants is produced by burning fossil fuels, contributing significantly to global warming.

Water plant emissions equal to 76M tons of CO2 per year and are expected to grow to 218M tons by 2040.

Waste salt brine is poured back into the sea increasing seawater temperature and harming sea-bottom aquatic life. 
Burning fossil fuels as major source of energy.

Waste brine increases seawater temperature and harms aquatic life.

Emissions of 76M tons of CO2 per year. Expected to grow to 218M tons by 2040.
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